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THF Drenching: Exciting Marketing Push which is too long

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Brothers and Sisters, Comrades and Friends: How ARE you?

Another quick marketing outreach operation from the multi-functional hub of Drent central.  What up?  There have been a number of DEVELOPMENTS.  Such as:

It’s now possible, in fact it’s practically fucking MANDATORY, to buy some of my collages online.  It’s the usual Gris meets Tatlin during a game of Twister with Popova on a break-dancing mat of 70s lino.  Please find attached a whole big selection of them here:

Nota bene, comrades, these aren’t vulgar PRINTS, but [sotto voce] ORIGINALS, with their obsolete craft-era AURA fully in evidence.

The musical situation here is that I am poised jaguar-like to engineer the near SIMULTANEOUS EMISSION of two improvised trio albums, the first ones to be released on Council Of Drent which has been a concrete-only-zone until now.  These albums are both really fucking excellent, with everyone playing out of they skins.

First, “Yea, You Sorry Now” with Greta Buitkuté (vocals) and David Birchall (guitar), which really stuffs the pigeons into the cat, and leaves the biscuit.  Greta’s promo video:

This is a splendidly relentless joint.

Second, an as-yet untitled album with David Birchall again, and with Phil Marks (drums) of Bark!, which is being hammered into shape RIGHT NOW.  Last session for it happening THIS WEEK.  It’s like a cliff-face dragged onto a waltzer overlaid with a close up of coral in a centrifuge.  You’re going to fucking LOVE IT.

For those nearby, Birchall/Buitkuté/Drenching are playing at Hotspur House, 2 Gloucester Street, Manchester, M1 5QR on 3rd March, probably starting at about 8:00 I reckon, with OTHER THINGS too.  And then on 26th April, they’re playing again, improvising a live score to Jeff Keen’s “Spontaneous Combustion” and “24 Films” at Cultivate Film Night, in the basement of The Joshua Brooks, 106 Princess Street Manchester M1 6NG, starting at 6:00 until closing time.  More details as they emerge because I only just organised it today.

Fresh of the press additionally is the Association Of Musical Marxists’ Reader THE ASSASSIN, featuring a bunch of my collages, a THFD interview and an article on Jeff Keen.  As well a sundry divers items from a host of hungry fiends.  See HEAD HONCHO Andy flick through the motherfucker here – and then buy it.

Meanwhile Plush Wattle has been inaugurated, as a sister to Newcastle’s Felt Beak, comprising a lovely journal of Manchester improvisation.  There are three albums’ worth on there for FREE DOWNLOAD at the moment, including a new one for clarinet, double-bass and dictaphone that emerged just THIS WEEKHear them here >>

Meanwhile, various IN-CONCERT PERFORMANCES of a superb kind are HERE:

THFD & Know Your Homes >>

THFD & David O’Connor >>

THFD & Alan Wilkinson #1 (Night of the Flaming Meatus) >>

THFD & Alan Wilkinson #2 (Differential Blood Red Scat) >>

And even various STUDIO JOINTS are evident that you may have missed:

THFD, David Birchall & Luke Poot >>

THFD composed rarities and collected detritus >>

THFD & Greta Buitkuté PROMO VIDEO:

Finally, finally, I attempt Beckett’s Not I here >>

and read out some Svankmajer prose here >>

and a fucking huge bunch of Burroughs here:
The Penny >>

Pry >>

Last >>

Bad >>

Do You? >>

and fashion an improvised vocal bouquet for Officer Wilson, that scabby porcine itch, here:

Also, watch my face like a hawk watching my face like a hawk for the next month because soon a book of poems called “Live At Late Dilated Ileum” is coming out too.

This has gotten absurdly, purpose-defyingly long.  But fuck it, because finally, AS IF THAT WEREN’T ENOUGH, find attached an exclusive little solo improvised dictaphone piece called “Plasticised Recombinant Dicer”, I beg your amused forbearance in arrogant humility.

Tell me if you’d rather I packed it in: hit unsubscribe.  Well, type it.

I remain, your faithful servant

Drenching / Stuart

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