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“The revolutionary intellectuals have to abandon the debris of their decomposed culture and find for themselves a revolutionary way to live. In doing this, they can finally confront the problems of a popular avant-garde. The masses’ right to live will no longer be symbolized by steak alone. The revolutionary intellectuals will eventually learn about politics. But it is beginning to look more and more like this will take an unpleasantly long time.”

Internationale Situationniste #2 (December 1958)


  • Out to Lunch says:

    The really great ideas from the past still have the power of admonition. The academic "post" brigade make careers by treating such ideas as objects, as something to master via scholarship and dissection, but for those outside such rackets (i.e. revolutionaries), they cause strange things to bloom in the brain. Such as the notion that my neighbour knows more about capitalism than the

  • Anonymous says:

    Tick tock tick tock.<br />Time is relative anyway. I&#39;d rather read Ben Watson&#39;s shopping lists than anything by Richard Seymour. Tricksymix

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