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Spectrum Festival XXI: 11th-30th November 2011

SPECTRUM XXI: The International Festival of Spectral Music
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Born and bred under the yoke of Ceaucescu’s ‘communist’ regime in Rumania, Dumitrescu proposes an intolerable intensity that blossoms and decays like natural sound in cosmic space. For his admirers and proselytisers, Dumitrescu’s music has wiped the field of modern music clean and restarted everything: he really is the ground-zero sound artist promised in everyone else’s publicity.“ (Ben Watson)
Full details of this years festival can be found at the Spectrum XX1 Festival Site

Nov 11-12: Paris, College des Bernardins, 20 rue de Poissy- 75005 Paris
Berlin & Bucharest dates t.b.c.
Nov 15-16: London, Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL

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