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Scientology and William Burroughs

Article by David S. Wills on the Reality Studio website
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Scientology and William Burroughs

We found this article on the Beyond Invisibility blog, and we liked the way it insists, despite the depiction of William Burroughs by James Grauerholz as an ‘avantgarde writer’, that Burroughs took Scientology seriously, adopting key ideas and going so far as to reach ‘clear’ status and contemplate attaining that of ‘thetan’ – before the predictable disassociation from the Church of Scientology and its manipulations. For us, culture is not about mere value or ‘excellence’, it’s a guide to life; this article convinces us that our common appreciation of Burroughs in the AMM is not because he fulfils some definition of ‘avantgarde writing’ taught in some dubious literature course, but because he took ideas seriously and wanted to live them out. The average cultural commentator will doubtless shout ‘cult’ at us for this: we’d rather be so accused than concur with the average disassociation of art from life.

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