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Rob Dellar

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Robert Dellar has worked for various mental health charities since 1987, helping to pioneer advocacy and survivor-led projects. Beginning with the punk fanzine Breach of the Peace, he has published underground magazines prolifically since 1980, most recently Southwark Mental Health News. He is editor of Gobbing, Pogoing and Gratuitous Bad Language: An Anthology of Punk Short Stories (1996), co-author of the novel Seaton Point (1998), co-editor of Mad Pride: A Celebration of Mad Culture (2000), and has featured in numerous anthologies. Setting up Mad Pride with three friends in 1999 allowed him to fuse his long-term preoccupations with madness, leftist political provocation and outsider rock ‘n’ roll. He lives in South London with his partner Shirley. Splitting in Two is the first book entirely of his own writing.

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