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Because the captured fume of space foams1 with endless variations, but our ears themselves are occupied spaces – should we not long to engage? escape? The very air is filled with aural riches – how could we not desire to possess it? How dare we shy from battle in this world-wide pseudo-commune, where the enemy is weak & diffuse, where there is so little to lose and so much to gain? When there is less excuse than ever to reproduce the already-known, or to ignore the buzz & hiss of our radiant background, hear-stripe of the cosmos.

A Radio Jukebox? Try explaining that to the pre-digital record industry. But Frank Zappa would have understood, having proposed in the 1980s that individual records could be accessed via television2. Radios & jukeboxes are obsolete as such, so here’s two more analog conceptions dragged into this analogous digital realm. But radio, speaking broadly, is transmission of radiant energy, the original name for wireless communication, the nowie-wowie nova of high-tech conceptions. Radio is aural energy outward bound. Jukebox is just a jocular name for a non-human vendor, an inanimate point of contact for the consumer to re-animate the frozen commodity.

Because the dead dominate the living: in the workplace, where our eyes & limbs are subordinate to past labour stored in machines; & in the public spaces, where screaming & singing are routinely repressed, but car stereos can blast canned music tracks at painful volume. A record is like the science fiction hero who, cryogenicaly-preserved, enters the dystopic future to correct its errors & lead it into its golden era. A record preserves a moment of lived existence, but in order for it to live again, it must be re-animated, re-contextualized, put to a specific use & polemicized. The repetitious cycles of commercial radio ensure the continued domination of the dead. In these programs, we the living lift the dead from their coded slabs to join our present struggles – enshrined, impaled, and pumped with agonizing life.3

For more information about each show see below for Naval Aviation in Audio, for Late Lunch With Out to Lunch, for Ear Liberation Front

1. Hart Crane, Poems of Hart Crane (Liveright, 1986): 77
2. Frank Zappa, Real Frank Zappa Book (Poseidon, 1989): 338-9
3. GWAR, Blimey

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Naval Aviation in Audio

Hardcore Jollies Utopica With Tencer Tentacles (Jan 16 2013)

With live performance of New York poet Michael Tencer’s latest verbal compositions & a few passages from Ovid’s Metamorphoses on audiobook. Main accompanying event, musically speaking, was Luigi Nono’s La Lontananza Nostalgica Utopica Futura played simultaneously with 4 percussion pieces by Iannis Xenakis. Best episode ever (& I mean it this time!).

Part 1

1. Loose HeelsWhite Lung
2. Hardcore JolliesFunkadelic
3. Naval Aviation In Art?Frank Zappa
4. Hand It To The DevilSailboats Are White
5. La Lontananza Nostalgica Utopica Futura, For Violin & 8 Magnetic TapesLuigi Nono, Okho / Rebond BIannis Xenakis

Part 2

1. La Lontananza Nostalgica Utopica Futura, For Violin & 8 Magnetic TapesLuigi Nono, Okho / Rebond BIannis Xenakis (contd)
2. Who Says A Funk Band Can’t Play Rock?Funkadelic
3. 1,000 CigarettesMSTRKRFT

European Rocket Fuel (Jun 26 2013)

Episode of Naval Aviation In Audio, radio program on CJTR Regina Community Radio. No.219, aired June 12, 2013. Blake’s Europe read with Ana-Maria Avram’s two-part desert epic. The audiobook of Ezekiel with Acid Blues Project. A trump of doom for the urban dunes.

1. Answer MeSatanatras
2. Winds of the DesertAna-Maria Avram
3. Naval Aviation In Art?Frank Zappa
4. Black BettySpiderbait
5. Going To New York CityAcid Blues Project
6. Rocket FuelSpiral Beach
7. Dig ThisAcid Blues Project
8. Voices of the DesertAna-Maria Avram
9. Astro GirlsSpiral Beach
10. Wild and FuzzySatanatras

Have Gun, Will Travel (Jul 25 2013)

Episode of Naval Aviation In Audio, Radio program on Regina Community Radio. No.223, aired July 17, 2013. An unplanned episode lacking in conceptual wholeness but rich in suggestion & sonic energy, I hope. Audiobook heard throughout was the Commuters Library edition of (The Best Of) Have Gun Will Travel, Show 1: Three Bells To Perido. This was a radio program that originally aired in 1957. The audiobook preserves the original radio advertisements, three of which were featured here.

Part 1

1. SnodlandSoft Machine
2. Outta TownB-Monster
3. 4 Songs For Soprano & Orchestra, Op.13, No.1Anton Webern / London Symphony Orchestra
4. Naked Machine Gun GirlsB-Monster
5. Viscous DeliciousInfected Mushroom
6. 4 Songs For Soprano & Orchestra, Op.13, No.2Anton Webern / London Symphony Orchestra
7. 4 Songs For Soprano & Orchestra, Op.13, No.3Anton Webern / London Symphony Orchestra
8. PsychobabbleDog Eat Dog
9. Nettle BedSoft Machine

Part 2

1. CockroachDog Eat Dog
2. 4 Songs For Soprano & Orchestra, Op.13, No.4Anton Webern / London Symphony Orchestra
3. CavemanDog Eat Dog
4. Naval Aviation In Art?Frank Zappa
5. Lo & BeholdB-Monster
6. Composition No.124 (+108D +96)Anthony Braxton
7. Zombie WoofFrank Zappa

Soft Sounds For the Dungeon of the Damned (Feb 18 2014)

Episode of Naval Aviation In Audio, Radio program on Regina Community Radio. No.247, aired February 5, 2014.

Apocalyptic Episode with Ch.16-19 – from the Book of Ezekiel. I like to imagine a fifth guy on stage with Last Exit – a wild-eyed Hebrew prophet with a long white beard. But does he stand protectively behind the mic stand, eyes closed, channeling the wrathful oracles of Yahweh, or does he roam the stage, mic in hand, like an old-school fire-and-brimstone preacher?

Part 1

1. Soft Flesh For The Dungeon Of The DamnedB-Monster
2. Wild WhiskeyComets On Fire
3. Live In Frankfurt, 1986, pt.1Last Exit
4. Hellfire Black PiranhaB-Monster
5. Spastic TortureStatic Eyesore
6. Just Cos You Got The PowerMotorhead
7. Good Morning TroubleB-Monster

Part 2

1. Brotherhood of the HarvestComets On Fire
2. Take My Life … PleaseDog Eat Dogma
3. Live In Frankfurt, 1986, pt.2Last Exit
4. TeufelskindDog Eat Dogma
5. Naval Aviation In Art?Frank Zappa
6. The One To Sing The BluesMotorhead
7. March Of The CrabsAnvil

Vishnu & The Magic MATERIALS (Apr 27 2014)

Episode of Naval Aviation In Audio, Radio program on Regina Community Radio. No.256, aired April 9, 2014, featuring readings from MATERIALS #3:[February 2014], published in Cambridge, UK, edited by David Grundy & Lisa Jeschke. Texts by Tobias Hunter, Ian Heames, Tom Allen, Martin Hackett & Michael Tencer.

Part 1

1. Bathrooom LaughterPissed Jeans
2. Naval Aviation In Art?Frank Zappa
3. Two Hearts In WaxForbidden Dimension
4. Girl On The GrassJohn Korsrud — ekko – Tobias Hunter
5. Tall, Dark & GruesomeForbidden Dimension
6. Glurp (for 14 Musicians)John Korsrud — ekko (continued) – Tobias Hunter // Orca Plaintiffs – Ian Heames
7. Romanticize MePissed Jeans
8. X’s & O’sJohn Korsrud

Part 2

1. Vishnu & The Magic ElixirAcid Mothers Temple & The Drowning Paraiso UFO — Diversion To The Knowledge Of The Damned – Tom Allen // 5 Texts – Martin Hackett // [untitled] / [untitled] / [untitled] / [untitled] – Michael Tencer
2. Pardon My Ghoulish LaughterForbidden Dimension

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Late Lunch With Out to Lunch

Irony, Volosinov and Indirect Speech (Nov 6 2002)

Inaugural edition of Ben Watson’s long-running weekly show “Late Lunch With Out To Lunch” on Resonance Radio (, an unbroken speech which outlines the programme for the next decade: humanist materialism, dada zappology, Vico and Reimarus versus Descartes, Finnegans Wake and J.H. Prynne… and poodles

Music Has Lost Its Sense Of Fun (Jan 30 2013)

An edition of Ben Watson’s long-running radio show Late Lunch With Out To Lunch called “Music Has Lost Its Sense of Fun”, a response to a letter by John Coldwell in The Wire no 348 (February 2013) complaining that this Wire reader feels swamped by product he “ought” to listen to. Watson’s target is John Zorn’s concept of “avant”, one which Watson feels is now The Wire’s territory, abandoning the jazz focus of the R.D. Cook period (when Watson was a welcome voice in its pages). Although the polemic has been circulated in written form over the world wide web, it makes best sense in the context of Watson’s radio show, which mixes pop, jazz, avantgarde, home-recordings of Watson’s son Mordecai (4), Cobbingesque gargle poetry and Zappa novelty records in a manner designed to taunt those serious fools over at The Wire office. Moshi Monsters make an appearance too, as well as pianist Gwilly Edmondez, the latter live in-studio on a rare visit from Newcastle. NB: Don’t try this at home! Watson was banned from Resonance FM for fifteen weeks due to his anti-Wire critique …

Clear As Mud (Feb 13 2013)

Special edition of Ben Watson’s long-running show on Resonance FM Late Lunch With Out To Lunch, inaugurating a promised complete reading of Ken Fox’s Azmud, a book of “incantations versus possessive individualism and verbal boringness” to be published by Unkant Publishers at the end of the month. Saluting Ken Fox’s own radio show Naval Aviation in Audio, Watson indulges his first overlay, placing the drums of Tony Oxley in xenochronous relation to orchestral music by Frank Zappa. There’s also Xero Slingsby, Simon Fell, Bela Bartok and the Jack & Jim Show. What more could you possibly want?

The Early Music of Robert Dellar (Dec 12 2013)

Not since November 2011, when T.H.F. Drenching entered the portals of Resonance FM on Borough High Street in South London, has Ben Watson had a guest on his Late Lunch With Out To Lunch show. So it was a special moment when Rob Dellar of Mad Pride fame dropped by. He brought with him the new Dark Entries reissue of The Thing from the Crypt, a compilation LP of post-punk bands in Watford which Dellar, aged 17, “catalysed” in 1982. We hear tracks from the record by Soft Drinks, Mex, S-Haters and Image in Ruin – and also the Jacobites and Johnny Thunders. Watson replies with “Keen Sinked”, Oscillatorial Binnage’s contribution to the Jeff Keen tribute CD – Cut Up … Melt Down … Respray!! – just issued by T.H.F. Drenching in Manchester on his Council of Drent label. Out To Lunch also performs two graphic poems at the piano: “Hold Hard Instripe” and “Itch Scuba Bandito”.

Occupy Marxism with Eugene Gogol! (Dec 17 2013)

Ben Watson’s Late Lunch With Out To Lunch, a weekly radio show which has appeared on Resonance FM since November 2002, here reaches some kind of crisis as the political party Watson joined in 1979 (Socialist Workers Party, UK) suffers an implosion. Working with others who continue to circle around this dead star (one of whom, happily, is a consummate lap-steel guitar player), Watson plays Virginia Pipe from York, reads a satirical text by Blogging J. Bloggs 1917 and broadcasts a 22m “political mix” of the goings-on at AMM6, the Sixth Congress of the Association of Musical Marxists held at the Jeremy Bentham pub in Bloomsbury on Saturday 13th July. As if this wasn’t enough you also get to hear Schoenberg, Dallas Boner and OTL performing “Chin Sunk Ben” at the Resonance Studio piano…

AMM thin bar 01

Ear Liberation Front

Show #43 (Apr 21 2005)

1. Toccata, from L’OrfeoClaudio Monteverdi
2. T’Mershi DuweenFrank Zappa
3. Better Git It in Your SoulCharles Mingus
4. Tiger RagArt Tatum
5. Preacher CrawlingPig Destroyer
6. Stratosphere BoogieSpeedy West & Jimmy Bryant
7. Ramblin’ WomanBig Moose
8. The Grunt, Pts. 1 & 2The JB’s
9. I Say a Little PrayerRahsaan Roland Kirk
10. A Galitsianer TantselZev Feldman & Andy Statman
11. Cannon SongKurt Weill
12. TipitinaProfessor Longhair
13. LazybonesEsquivel
14. Rubber BiscuitThe Chips
15. Choferito-PlenaSabu
16. Theme from Captain BlackJames Blood Ulmer
17. Hristianova Copanitsa [CUTS OFF]Ivo Papasov & His Orchestra

Show #51 (Jun 30 2005)

1. It Can’t Happen HereFrank Zappa / The Mothers of Invention
2. CleaningKFC people
3. Fanfare for the Common Man – Molto Deliberato [Excerpt]Aaron Copland
4. InterventionCorrosion of Conformity
5. Crashing the PartyThe Feathers
6. Rat a Tat Tat, AmericaDick Kent
7. Brak CounterbrakBrak
8. The Ballad of the Green BeretsBarry Sadler
9. Paper MachéBurt Bacharach / Dionne Warwick
10. RobotPlastics
11. I Am a Real AmericanRodd Keith
12. Rock ‘N Roll McDonald’sWesley Willis
13. A Day at the MallPrimeTime Sublime Community Orchestra
14. You Will Be Shot [Simultaneous with Tr. 13]/Snagglepuss [Excerpt]Naked City
15. Fat BoysFat Boys
16. Symphony No. 5, Op. 67, 1st Movement [Excerpt] [Simultaneous with Tr. 15]Ludwig van Beethoven
17. Phase Patterns for Four Electric Organs [Excerpt]Steve Reich
18. Metal Machine Music, Pt. 2 [Excerpt]Lou Reed
19. A Small Eternity with Yoko OnoJohn Lennon & Yoko Ono
20. I Want to Be HappyNina Hagen
21. You Make Me SickScreamin’ Jay Hawkins
22. On Governance and CompassionG.W. Bush
23. Lester Lanin & His OrchestraBe a Phony
24. Zombie [Excerpt] [CUTS OFF]Fela Kuti

Show #52 Parts #1 and #2 (Jul 21 2005)
At about 35 minutes into the second part I express some vaguely libertarian opinions, crudely suggesting that no restrictions should ever be placed upon free speech. However, given that speech’s ‘free’ nature is itself determined under capitalism by ruling powers, with practical ‘freedom’ to speak only available to those who can afford it, I no longer believe that such absolutist positions on free speech serve as universally liberatory in practice. Currently, corporations have vastly more freedoms of ‘speech’ than private citizens; political donations are considered a form of speech, ‘freeing’ the highest bidders in their choice to buy the elections; & of course the speech — & safety, & livelihood, — of oppressed groups can itself be endangered by the ‘free speech’ of their oppressors. Given such considerations, when ‘free speech’ itself becomes a kind of commodity under capitalism, I don’t oppose the censorship that prohibits hate speech & restricts the propaganda of the ruling powers. That form of restriction, if it could even be called ‘censorship’, now seems to me a legitimate tactic in beginning to redress the radical inequalities that we’re all suffering under. Nonetheless, in the spirit in which the show was created & for the cheap thrills of digging thru old poop, I’ve decided to retain the show in its entirety, uncensored, as it were, marking in its messy way the evolution of my Esemplastic politix over the last decade.

Part 1

1. Red Norvo – Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart
2. Ren & Stimpy Show ThemeJustin Scharvona
3. Burning of Sodom (Dark Angel cover) [Excerpt]Pig Destroyer
4. Brazil [Excerpt]Terry Gilliam
5. 200 Motels [gruesome facts Excerpt]Ringo Starr
6. WatschentanzAlfons Bauer & The Comedien Quartett
7. I Can’t Believe I Ate the Whole ThingDeep Note musicians
8. Take Me Out to the BallgameFrank Zappa
9. Piper’s PitRowdy Roddy Piper
10. Persepolis [Excerpt]Iannis Xenakis
11. Just Got Paid [Excerpt]N-Sync
12. Rock the Boat (aka Don’t Rock the Boat)The Hughes Corporation
13. Annie Had a BabyHank Ballard & The Midnighters
14. Society’s ChildJanice Ian
15. Yep-Roc-HeresySlim Gaillard
16. Eisenhower BluesJ.B. Lenoir
17. Mister CusterLarry Verne
18. The Big SurferBrian Lord & The Midnighters
19. Prison Bluesuncredited prisoner
20. I Live in a Car [CUTS OFF]UK Subs

Part 2

1. I Live in a Car [CUTS IN]UK Subs
2. Living in a BoxLiving in a Box
3. Louie LouieThe Kingsmen
4. Don’t Tear My Clothes Off No. 2State Street Swingers
5. The Cage / Gob of SpitNaked City
6. Study for Player Piano No. 27Conlon Nancarrow
7. Jaki’s Blues NextJaki Byard
8. Fairy AnswerHenry Cowell
9. The FlagLenny Bruce
10. ‘The Third or Fourth Day of Spring’ [Excerpt]Henry Miller
11. Mœurs Contemporaines [Excerpt]Ezra Pound
12. No AgreementFela Kuti
13. Cinq Préludes – No. 1Nikolai Roslavetz
14. if everythinge.e. cummings
15. Minuet from String Quintet in E [Excerpt]Boccherini
16. A Rank-Seven Official [Excerpt]Hugo Masters
17. Where Are You Now [Excerpt] Britney Spears
18. Campaign Headquarters [Simultaneous with Tr. 17]Don Knotts

Show #53 (Aug 11 2005)

1. De Sade ’70Bruno Nicolai
2. Moanin’Takeshi Terauchi & The Bunnys
3. Ooh Baby, Hold MeHowlin’ Wolf
4. Yeh Dosti [Excerpt]R.D. Burman
5. Josephine par se ma FemmeClifton Chenier
6. Mrs. O’Leary’s CowBrian Wilson
7. Track 4, Cambodian Rocksuncredited Cambodian rock musicians
8. James BondRoland Alphonso
9. Call Any VegetableFrank Zappa / The Mothers
10. Maniacs in Living HellCoyle & Sharpe
11. Ding Fries Are DoneSkipper
12. In the Middle of Their First Recording Session, The Fugs Sign the Worst Recording Contract Since Leadbelly’sThe Fugs
13. Slummer the SlumThe “5” Royales
14. I Got to Tell YouDr. Octagon
15. City’s Hospital PatientsTeri Summers & The Librettos
16. FireArthur Brown
17. SurfboardEsquivel
18. Omniphony Part 3Tod Dockstader / James Reichert
19. Side Tracked [CUTS OFF]Freddie King