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Michael Tencer

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Born in Brooklyn, New York in 1983 and raised in and around the vicinity, including a stint in New Joisey. After wasting some time at university, Michael got his shit together and joined the incipient Esemplasm. He arrived at Marxism via Frank Zappa courtesy of the Watsonian Institute’s core poodle play curricula, which informed his early NYU radio show The Ear Liberation Front (click Radio Jukebox above for a good time). He ambassadored at the Martian Embassy and began plotting out a militant esthetix journal with Ben Watson, but ultimately London’s kustoms kops disappeared him, probably for his subversive moustache, sending him into a ten year exile to lands beyond the sea. After trawling thru several unmentionable socialist organisations, co-founding the New Zealand Surrealist Group, becoming J.H. Prynne’s bibliographer and wasting more time at university, Michael returned to New Yawk, where he’s been serving out the remainder of his London exile sending out poems, gripes and audio-visual detritus to a variety of unsuspecting unAmericans. The militant esthetix journal plotted out ages ago has recently come to fruition with co-editor Andy Wilson, now called THE ASSASSIN, and hitting the charts WITH A BULLET. Michael is a free (or was that ‘cheap’?) radical and copyeditor for the revolution.

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