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Marcuse covers Hegel on reality …

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image“‘…that which is cannot be true.’ To our well-trained ears and eyes, this statement is flippant and ridiculous, or as outrageous as that other statement which seems to say the opposite: ‘what is real is rational’. And yet, in the tradition of Western Thought, both reveal, in provocatively abridged formulation, the idea of Reason which has guided its logic. Moreover, both express the same concept, namely, the antagonistic structure of reality, and of thought trying to understand reality. The world of immediate experience – the world in which we find ourselves living – must be comprehended, transformed, even subverted in order to become that which it really is.”
Herbert Marcuse (aged 70) One Dimensional Man (1964) p.105. When Marcuse does the Hegelian Twist and shows me how so-called opposite positions in philosophy could actually work together, I’ll forgive him his existential tics. If you are not a revolutionary, all thought is redundant.

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