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Esther Leslie

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Esther LeslieBorn in 1964 to Trotskyist parents in a council house in Whetstone, London, Esther Leslie’s first emotional attachment was to Dillon the Dog. Subsequently, Esther partook in Punk, and was a member of a gang of schoolyard anarchists, soon to be Omega Tribe rebels. Impossibly brilliant from an early age, she learned German and imbibed the entire corpus of Romantic philosophy, Hegel, Marx and Adorno without relying on the backward English translation programme. Prior to meeting Ben Watson, the love of her life was Walter Benjamin, although there was a brief sojourn with an Orangutan in Berlin Zoo in the mid-80s. Today, much in-demand as a spokeswoman on contemporary artistic issues, Esther divides her time between her day job at Birkbeck (Professor in Political Aesthetics) and her extremely demanding family in Somers Town. Esther’s first book was Walter Benjamin: Overpowering Conformism. In 2002 she published Hollywood Flatlands, a book about cartoons, and, in 2005, Synthetic Worlds, about the German chemical industry. Although unmaintained since the birth of her first child, her website,, still produces new fans..

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