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Chris Ford

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Chris Ford (born 1968) grew up in Hamilton, Scotland. A union activist since 1985 he works as a trade union education tutor for the Workers Education Association. For many years involved in solidarity work with the independent workers movement in Poland and Ukraine, he has written widely on aspects of critical theory, labour history and contemporary affairs. He is currently completing a study of the independent Social-Democrats and Communists in the Ukrainian revolution of 1917-1921.

Published works include: ‘The Crossroads of the European Revolution: Ukrainian Social-Democrats and Communists (Nezalezhnyky), the Ukrainian Revolution and Soviet Hungary 1917-1920’, Critique, 2010, ‘Social Emancipation and National Liberation: The Dialectics of the Ukrainian Revolution’, ‘Introduction and Biography  of Ivan Maistrenko’, in Borotbism: A Chapter in the History of the Ukrainian Revolution by Ivan Maistrenko.

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