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Chartist Insurrection Booklaunch 18 May 2012

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NOTE 18th May: John McDonnell has had to cancel due to illness. The meeting will go ahead in his absence.
1839: The Chartist Insurrection
Unkant have published a book on Adorno, poetry by Sean Bonney and a reprint of Ray Challinor’s essays on World War II. Now their idea of handbooks for revolutionaries stretches to the Chartist insurrection of 1839, detailing a history too long suppressed. The result of twenty years’ research by two ‘non-professionals’. There will be a further launch on Thursday 7 June (alongside’s Ben Watson’s ‘Blake in Cambridge’) at an AMM (Association of Musical Marxists) meeting at the Blue Posts (Rupert Court W1 7pm, 7th Jun), but this has been organised by the authors (Dave Black and Chris Ford) themselves. John McDonnell MP shall address the throng and actors shall restage some key events in costume. This is the stuff they do not teach at Cambridge. Hope to see you there.


1839: The Chartist Insurrection
by David Black and Chris Ford (Unkant Publishing)
Friday, 6 p.m. 18 May 2012
Workers Educational Association
96-100 Clifton Street
Map here

“This book assists us greatly in understanding the potential for future challenges to the system” John McDonnell MP

“In retrieving the suppressed history of the Chartist Insurrection, David Black and Chris Ford have produced a revolutionary handbook” AMM

“1839, the year after Queen Victoria’s coronation, saw a chain of events which brought Britain closer to revolution than at any time since the English Civil War – or any time since. The issue was the unjust and corrupt electoral system, in which only seven hundred thousand people were entitled to vote in a country of twenty-five million. Drawing on the accounts of the participants themselves – agitators, conspirators, idealists, journalists, informers, soldiers and politicians – 1839: The Chartist Insurrection shows how Parliament’s rejection of the first Chartist petition for Universal Suffrage led to mass rioting, a failed general strike and insurrections in south Wales and northern England. The events of 1839 are presented not just as a battle of wills between the Chartists and the Government, but also as a battle of ideas between the radicals themselves on questions of democracy, social justice, and the ‘limits’ of peaceful protest.”
Foreword by John McDonnell MP.

Appendices Include
Julian Harney: ‘The Tremendous Uprising’
Edward Aveling: ‘George Julian Harney: A Straggler of 1848’

(which includes some little known information about Marx and Engels and their contacts with the Chartists).

Illustrated throughout

David Black is author of ‘Acid: A New Secret History of LSD’ and ‘Helen MacFarlane: A Feminist, Revolutionary Journalist and Philosopher in Mid-Nineteenth Century England’

Chris Ford’s works include ‘The Crossroads of the European Revolution: Ukrainian Social-Democrats and Communists 1917-1920’ (Critique, 2010), and the introduction to ‘Borotbism: A Chapter in the History of the Ukrainian Revolution’ by Ivan Maistrenko.

Buy 1839: The Year of Chartist Insurrection
1839: The Chartist Insurrection
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