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Arseny Avraamov: Burn the Pianos

Avraamov conducting Symphony of Sirens
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As a musician, he was involved in the debates on microtonality and in the 1920s, proposed to the People’s Commissar for Education (Lunacharsky) an order to burn all pianos, because he considered the piano to be symbolic of the well-tempered system of tuning (popularised by Bach), which mutilates people’s and composers’ musical sense”.

Miguel Molina Alarcón, Baku: Symphony of Sirens: Sound Experiments in The Russian Avant-Garde, London: ReR Megacorp, 2008, pp 19-20

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  • Anonymous says:

    I didn&#39;t contribute to the long thread about Bach. But, not wishing to prompt a repeat of that, I must just say that I&#39;ve long been fond of much Bach, including, the Cello suites. <br />I recall one of my sheroes, the late, great Nina Simone enthusing about Bach, in Channel 4&#39;s Music of the Millenium. <br />Also on Channel 4, was one of Howard Goodall&#39;s music history programmes,

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