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Andy Wilson

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The swivel-eyed son of Adorno and Little Millie Small, Andy was born in Seaham Harbour in 1959. After attending schools in Peterlee, Hartlepool, Kings Lynn and Coventry, Andy joined the Royal Navy (Fleet Air Arm) in 1975 to train as an avionics apprentice. Expelled from the Navy in 1982 for his opposition ot the Falklands War and for organising anti-fascist activity, Andy then went to the Co-operative College (1983), then on to York University, where he studied philosophy (1983-86). On leaving university Andy worked for the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) for some time as a district organiser in Liverpool before being expelled by them too in 1994, making a kind of double-whammy of expulsions, being thrown out of both the miltary and the Trotskyist movement. Nowadays he bides his time making plans and studying Blake.

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