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AMM#8 / Xmas ‘Do’ 5th Dec: You Know It Makes No Sense

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AMM #8 Meeting PosterFeaturing
Esther Leslie
reading from her forthcoming Unkant book
‘Derelicts: Thought Worms From the Wreckage’
Oscillatorial Binnage
ongoing electroacoustic commentary
Rob Dellar
(Mad Pride) reads from his forthcoming autobiography
‘Splitting in Two’
?!?!?!!&%$! (drums) and Paul Seacroft (steel guitar)
improv action
Out to Lunch
on ‘the primacy of man’ and its discontents
(report back from Spring Conference)
w. drinks, convivial ultra-leftism, etc
7pm Thursday 5th Dec 2013
The Blue Posts, Rupert Court / Rupert St, London
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