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AMM Xmas Party: Where Rubbish Meets the Absolute Idea

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“Where Rubbish Meets the Absolute Idea”

AMM / Unkant Xmas Party

Upstairs at The Blue Posts, Rupert Court/Rupert Street, London, W1D 6DJ (MAP)
7pm Thursday 20th Dec 2012
all welcome
Poetry, History, Politics and Music no longer struck dumb by bourgeois specialisation!!
Great words and great laughs courtesy the AMM!!
Alan Wilkinson
Sax colossus
Owen Holland
interprets Prol-Folk classics
Oscillatorial Binnage
improvisors who can stand politics
Iris, Mordecai and Hux (tbc)
Rob Dellar
of Mad Pride fame
Out To Lunch
verbal tripe
that’s you
Esther Leslie
on Rainbows
Ben Wilson
 “the Chewing Gum Man” on Police and the Street
Andy Wilson / Keith Fisher


  • Out to Lunch says:

    Why aren't there any comments? The evening is still INCHOATE (we are still trying to get a reply from ADAM BOHMAN). This is less a menu than a map of hopes. Anyone got any suggestions?

  • johng says:

    Well I think its a must now anyway. I'll be there. If only to have a good old moan.

  • Sean says:

    Jeff Lynn is perhaps the most underrated composer this side of Frank Zappa

  • Sean says:

    Someone told me that so it must be true. I hope some ELO is in the DJ's bin for the AMM xmas rave at least

  • Anonymous says:

    That sounds like something someone from Birmingham might say! Jeff and I are from there. But I&#39;m not too keen on ELO/Jeff. Have you heard Lynne&#39;s latest solo work? He waited till Etta James wasn&#39;t around to make a dull version of, At Last. <br />I&#39;ve made a few comments hereabouts which I was expecting would elicit a response from Mr Delaney. <br /><br />

  • Anonymous says:

    Jeff Lynne is very much a tribute act to the Beatles, Beach Boys, and Phil Spector. I prefer the originals. But I wouldn&#39;t dismiss Lynne/ELO. <br />I was tempted in the last year or so, to buy the dvd of Xanadu. I had a thing for Olivia Newton-John when I was a kid, and recall enjoying that film when it was on tv, around mid-80s. <br />The &#39;and finally…&#39; item on the ITV news last

  • filboid says:

    If you still have a thing for Olivia Newton-John, you&#39;ll have plenty to smile about: she&#39;s on the cover of a mag somebody stuck in my mailbox last month called &#39;Dear Doctor: Dentistry &amp; Oral Health&#39;, billed as &#39;The sexiest dental magazine this side of the Atlantic&#39;. I don&#39;t know what kinda sexual tooth publications you&#39;ve got going on over there, but there&#39;

  • Anonymous says:

    Sexy dentistry is probably on par with the bizarreness of the Newton-John/Travolta reunion video! <br />I might be mistaken, but I&#39;m sure when Newton-John was on breakfast tv here recently, it was mentioned that she is married to a dentist! <br /><br />signed dc

  • Anonymous says:

    Some connotations of sexy dentistry did immediately come to mind t&#39;other day, and then I remembered, Grandad&#39;s False Teeth, by Denim: <br /><br /> <br /><br />signed dc

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