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AMM at Plan C

Culture, Counter-culture & the Commune
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At 5pm on Saturday 13th Sep AMM will be hosting a workshop session at the Plan C Fast Forward festival

Culture, Counter-culture & the Commune

The mistake of all hitherto-existing revolutionary lefts was that they believed in theory and practice without poiesis – Dadaist unrespected and disrespectful punk rock-improv productivity i.e. the free exchange of everything happening in our everyday lives and experimental reworking of all tokens. Using the counterculture for what it gives us vs. verdammte ‘heritage’ culture.

In this meeting we’ll explore the relationship between this (contradictory) political economy of social reproduction, on the one hand, and the production of subjectivity, on the other.

Workshop Details

Fast Forward Festival 2014

FF14 is a weekend of discussions, plenaries, workshops, walking, climbing and socialising. We hope FF14 will contribute to building new relationships, new ideas, new energies and new strategies that help equip us to enact the future.

The central theme of the event is “Demanding the Future?”: We’ll be inquiring into what it means, and what it could mean, to make demands. Who makes them, and who are they aimed at? Can demands help us build our counter-power? What do they achieve? Can demands – possible and impossible – move us beyond a simplistic revolution/reform debate? The format for these discussions will be small group based facilitated discussions which will allow for lots of participation and engagement.

Alongside these core discussions on demands there will be focus sessions on particular topics and issues. There will be space alongside these focus group sessions to organise your own workshops, relax with friends new and old or simply to enjoy the brilliant location on our walking or climbing trips. In the evenings we are planning larger plenary events. We will be running a bar at the hostel and are hoping to arrange evening entertainment.

When?  FFW2014 will take place between 12 pm (noon) on Friday 12th until 5pm on Sunday 14th September.

Fast Forward Festival

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