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AMM #16 & #17

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AMM #16: 6pm Friday 23rd Oct 2015, The Field, 385 Queen’s Road, New Cross, London

A “political mix” of recordings made at AMM16, the sixteenth meeting of the Association of Musical Marxists at The Field, the community centre on Queens Road, New Cross, on Friday 23rd October 2015: press here. The occasion was the launch of a Unkant’s new edition of Psycho Politics by Peter Sedgwick, the 1982 book which presciently criticised the “anti-psychiatry” movement. Sedgwick’s daughter Michele introduced the book and read one of Peter’s poems; the mood of introspection this created, reflecting on the gap between political activism and our inner world of secret desires, was then amplified by the AMM All-Stars, on this occasion Peter Baxter (drums) and Paul Shearsmith (trumpet, garden-hose didjeridoo). There were also poems by Out To Lunch and John Clarke, jazzman and member of the New Cross poetry group …

AMM #17:  7pm Saturday 24th Oct 2015, The Cock Tavern, 23 Phoenix Road, Somers Town, London

Recordings of what went on at the Cock, as political anarchists were confronted with musical freedom … press here.

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